Organizational Structure

To reflect its international membership, the Society is constituted of four Regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America (including Central America and South America)
  • European (including Europe and Africa)
  • Asia – Australia

Each Region has its own National organizations, groups, or representatives who can hold Congresses or Symposia in the name of the Society.  They also nominate representatives for the Board of Directors.


The Society has a number of Committees, all of which report to the Board of Directors.  A summary of the Society’s current Committees is provided below.  For the rules governing the activities and membership of each of the Committees refer to the Society’s bylaws.

To contact a committee please use the 'Inquiry' form

Bi-annual and Regional Congress Scientific Committees

These commitees are responsible for planning the bi-annual and Regional Congresses, in consultation with the Board of Directors.  The Committee invites speakers and research presentations, selecting appropriate presentations, and arranges the social activities and other program details.  The program of the Congress is to reflect the international and culturally diverse membership of the Society.

The Committee members include a Chairperson and additional members who are appointed by the President and Vice-President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Congress Organising Committee

Congress Organising Committees are established to oversee the local arrangements for the bi-annual and Regional Congresses.